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Attaching Charms

Options for Attaching a Charm to Jewellery or Keepsakes

charm into pendantTraditional charms have open jump rings that are designed to be securely soldered closed through chain links by a jeweller. However these days there are other DIY charm attaching options you can choose to do yourself, or you can also turn a charm into a pendant to wear on a necklace.
Charms are little symbols we use to tell stories of people. places or precious moments in sterling silver or solid gold.  On each Oh My Giddy Aunt's charm product description page you'll find an "Add On" section with several different attaching options so you can add charms to bracelets, wear them on necklaces or keyrings.

attaching charmsPlease find a brief explanation of each charm attaching option in the information below. You can instantly add these options to any charm by choosing from the "Options for Adding Charms" Add-On selections on each charm product page. 

Link Locks

attaching charms with link lockA link lock is a very secure, permanent way to lock a charm into place on a chain.  A closed link lock also creates a secure pendant loop that can have a fine chain threaded through if you would like to wear the charm as a necklace. Link Locks are available in sterling silver or 9ct yellow gold and can be added instantly to your order.   


Clip-On Clasps

clip on claspA charm can be clipped on to a necklace or chain and worn right away.  The clip on clasp option also allows you to change or add charms as desired. 




Split Rings

split ring charmsLittle sterling silver or 9ct gold split rings are like tiny little key rings that can be used to join the charm to a chain.  Split rings can pull apart, but worn with care they will keep your charm in place.

Tapered Bail

tapered bail pendantA tapered bail is a pendant 'loop' that can easily be attached. Tapered bails are thin enough to fit through the loop at the top of a charm but sturdy enough to fold into place to create a strong closure to thread a fine chain through. A tapered bail can also be used to attach a pendant to a thicker chain by slipping the bail through the chain link before folding into place.




Charm Jewellery and Keepsakes

Many of Oh My Giddy Aunt's charms are made in Australia and can also be soldered to discs, lapel pins,  brooches, bookmarks, earrings, keyrings or just about anything you would like to create a memorable keepsake to tell your story! If you can't find the charm attaching option you would like please contact us - we're always happy to help. 



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