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Are you looking for keepsakes that are UBB - Useful or Beautiful or Both?  We love UBB gifts and we've collected a nice long list of UBB Ideas for Mothers, but if you're in a hurry have a QUICK FLICK through the TOP SIX  that amazingly spell... MOTHER

Memory or Photo Ball
Opening Locket 
The Big Bangle
Harmony Balls - Pendant, Bracelet or Earrings
Engraved Bangle
Ring with a Birth Stones for each loved one


Dogs are not just for Christmas  
dog bookmark silver
This dog is forever :) Sterling Silver, beautifully made with wagging tail and nodding head. Personalised with names or a message. 

Fairies are not just for the Wobbly-Toothed

Well, we admit they are really very special tooth-fairy boxes, but this new little mushroom box will be a treasured keepsake for a grown-up fairy fancier too! 

Magnifying Glasses are not just for Looking Through 
magnifying glass
These are for looking at as well.  magnifying glass pendant
SO beautiful, worn as a pendant and handy to look through... should the need arise.

Cufflinks are not just for Sleeves
cufflink lockets
These sterling silver cufflinks are actually for holding photos! Cufflink lockets to have loved ones with you at a special occasion, or create a keepsake for a new baby with all of the grandparents, or godparents, or more! 

Lockets are not just for Two
locket for four
This is a double locket with space for four! A double locket, connecting generations.


The brief: A ring, in the shape of a rowing oar, needed ASAP for a team of rowers to present to their coach.oar ring
The verdict: 
"The girls loved it and the coach was so chuffed and so very thankful. Just love it!!! Many many thanks again for everything. May have to give you a harder task next year (only joking)"
Our response: Yes please! Giddy Aunts love a challenge!


harmony ballsAround this time of year the harmony balls are tinkling, but is there a difference between styles and makes? And is it possible to get a solid 9ct harmony ball? Find out here...

Wishing you chapters of harmony in the stories of your life
Chief Giddy Aunt and the bell-ringing-tinkle-belling elves!

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