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Angel or Fairy - Who is on the top of the tree?

The Difference between Fairies and Angels

Fairies and Angels are often mistaken for each other. Even though they're quite different beings, the presence of wings can be confusing.  Sometimes this confusion can be used to advantage as a little Giddy Niece discovered while attending a school that only permitted the wearing of cross or saint medallions. When asked by the teacher about the Fairy Tinkerbelle necklace around her neck she put the teacher at ease by reassuring her "It's the Angel Gabriel".

Chief Giddy  Aunt used to be a Fairy Queen (really) but even with prior wing-experience, the whole "Christmas Tree-Topper" thing is confusing.  

So is it a fairy or an angel?  Actually, it might not be either of them. A few Christmases ago CGA asked Giddy Facebook Friends about the tops of their Christmas Trees and most of them had stars!

The Tree-Topper question is not new.  The first Christmas Tree is thought to have been decorated in Latvia in 1510 with an Angel on top... maybe. 

This tradition spread and in the Victorian era the Christmas Tree became a part of the English Christmas with a mix of stars and angels. A star to represent the Star of Bethlehem and the angel to represent angel Gabriel from the Nativity of Jesus.  

But the question remains... where does the fairy come from? Fairies may actually have an even older claim to the top of the evergreen tree as part of mid-winter festivals for thousands of years!

If you have a tree, and whether it is a fairy, angel or star that perches on top, may it bring a magical, peaceful and beautiful chapter in the story of your life.


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